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@iammattfieldler This is brilliant. How does your team settle on just one record each month? That must be so hard and ridiculously fun. What's the process like?
@iammattfiedler I'm ready to subscribe.
Hey everyone, my name is Matt and I'm one of the co-founders of Vinyl Me, Please. We're a record of the month club serving 600+ members worldwide. Each month subscribers get a new record delivered right to their door along with a custom cocktail pairing and limited edition art print. In addition to the record, subscribers get access to The Standard, our weekly digest highlighting the latest digs from across the internet. You can request an invite on our site. invites are sent out every 3 - 4 days depending on availability. We've got some AMAZING records coming up in the next few months--all limited edition, Vinyl Me, Please exclusive pressings--so if you're a record collector, this is something you won't want to miss out on. Would love to hear the everyone's thoughts!
@rrhoover great questions--all of our picks are records that we think are essential to any record collection. Selections aren't limited by genre or time period--our only requirement is that is has to be something that is brilliant from start to finish and is a complete work of art. Our team is made up DJs, music supervisors and enthusiasts who are constantly searching for what's new, old, and generally worth your while. We don't highlight past artists/genres too much on the landing page because we are trying to focus more on the experience of music and music discovery. We offer a tactile discovery and listening experience that is about more than just the music. Also, we don't just do one genre or artist type. In any given month subscribers are likely to get something totally new, something that's been out for a while, or something totally undiscovered. In any respect, it's not necessarily about just the artist/genre--it's about the experience of listening to something all the way through and loving it for what it is. We miss the days when we could go into record/CD stores and get recommendations from the guy/girl behind the counter. It was always an adventure buying something you'd never otherwise buy, but always worth the time and money spent. That's the kind of experience we're bringing back.
Fuck it. I'm in. You got a customer.