Your one-stop inbox for design and frontend news.

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 05, 2020
Your one-stop inbox for design and frontend news, curated daily by real people. A delightful way to stay informed, without the hassle of subscribing to multiple newsletters, aggregators and RSS feeds.
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Hey Hunters! Tamas, co-founder and curator of Vincent here. We're excited to announce the first public release of Vincent. We started building Vincent as an experiment to provide a better experience for getting hand-picked design and frontend articles and resources. It could be a great alternative to curated design newsletters. Our MVP is available in the App Store and ready to be used from today. In the next couple of months we're continuously improving the application and rolling out new features such as bookmarking, following interest, customizing notification, dark mode and so on. Versions for Android, macOS and the Web are coming soon. Stay tuned!
@vinch :) Thanks!
The App Store listing feels very misleading considering all 6 features in the screenshots are currently missing from the app (personalised inbox, browse by category, smart notifications, bookmark links, search archive and dark mode). Meanwhile “premium” is already being advertised in the app? For an app targeting a design-focused audience, it’s also odd there’s no permission priming but the app instead launches straight into a notification permission prompt. Bottom 3 product design topics show up with a black title on a black background when tapped, while “Comprehensive” seems to be completely empty. Embedded web content doesn’t seem to render underneath the status bar on iPhone X and newer devices when scrolling (as in Safari and other apps) – status bar stays white, like with the recent curated blog post from Brad Frost.
@iamsebj Thanks for your notes, we will fix these issues.
What do you plan to do with HeyDesigner? And congrats with the launch!
Thanks Lisa! For now, I will keep both projects going.
Congrats Tamas! Makes total sense to catalog the best design articles in a searchable/browsable app. Wishing y'all the best 👏
@domyen Thanks Dominic!
It bothers me more than it should that it's called Vincent, and no one actually named Vincent works on the project. Hahaha Jokes aside, congrats on the launch! Looks great!
@bluetidepro Thanks a lot!