Watch YouTube with random view counts

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Daniel Singer
@danielsing3r · X6 Fleet Manager at @pandastartup 🐼
Saw Caroline post this on FB and loved the concept of meritocracy behind content. Fun little thing to try out for the afternoon. Maybe more.
Caroline Hermans
@carolinehermy · Maker at Carnegie Mellon University
Thanks for the post! This project was inspired by the psychology of my own YouTube habits. I spent a whole day watching SNL videos, and I realized I was only clicking on sketches with really high view counts. If a video had only 1000 views or something I was totally uninterested in it. I wanted to remove that aspect of browsing and just be able to enjoy the … See more
Shannon Leonard
@shannonleonard · CEO, 10 Word News
Love the idea behind this. As a small YouTuber myself, I think YouTube really needs to work on democratized discovery. I've found so many great (small) channels that don't get suggested because they don't have clickbait thumbnails or titles. Thanks, Caroline!