Holographic screencasting app for Mac. Free for COVID-19

#1 Product of the DayMarch 22, 2020
Vidrio puts your webcam stream behind your windows. Then share or record your screen — suddenly, your holographic screen floats between you and your audience. You gesture with your hand, and their heads follow. Vidrio makes effortlessly engaging screencasts.
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I made Vidrio because I saw Tony Stark's holographic display and thought, "I want that." I made the closest thing that could run on a Mac. I used Vidrio for some presentations and screencasts, and got some amazing reactions. Now I'm releasing it for all of you. It's perfect for remote working via Zoom, screencasts via YouTube, live coding on Twitch, etc. I'm making it free for all COVID-19 remote working. Let me know what cool videos and presentations you make with it!
@james_fisher2 Really cool and really useful for the times. Hope this product really picks up. This is much better than doing annotations on virtual whiteboards.
@soumitrasen thanks! Let me know what you make with it! :D
@james_fisher2 amazing app! Is there a way to use shortcuts to change the opacity with shortcuts? Cheers
@scouech thanks! There actually is! The UX for it is still janky, which is why I've kept this quiet so far, but if you want to try it out: (1) Open Security & Privacy; (2) Go to Accessibility list; (3) Add Vidrio to the list; (4) relaunch Vidrio; (5) Try Fn+Ctrl+p to toggle pause/unpause. You can also use Fn+Ctrl with any of -+0[] for more opacity controls. BE CAREFUL with Fn+Ctrl+[ because it will make your face completely opaque, so you can't see your windows! Try it out and let me know whether it works for you!
works exactly as described, and particularly useful when attempting to give a presentation over Zoom or Hangouts.
Very creative! Nice work @james_fisher2
This reminds me of a blogging concept @kevinrose, @hemeon, and @zinssmeister explored years ago.
@kevinrose @hemeon @zinssmeister @rrhoover Interesting - blogs are not the use-case I imagined, but it has similar effects here - brings the writer closer to the reader. I like the blur/filter. Possible future feature for Vidrio.
Really great way to make remote screen shares much more personal and expressive, recommend!