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Charlie Miller
@design2research · Vidku Cofounder, Chief Design Officer
@eric3000 - thanks for hunting! I’m Chief Design Officer and co-founder of Vidku - I'm excited to have you take a look. We created Vidku because we wanted a way to make and share short, creative videos with our friends and close groups, but also to have the ability to unshare any video, at any time. Vidku is for private videos, the ones we share with the important people in our lives, without having to worry about them being shared outside the app. Add me on Vidku (charlie) and share a video with me - I'd love to hear your thoughts! Also be sure to add Josiah on Vidku (josiah) and he'll get you access to the exclusive PHGlobal group in Vidku. Here's a thank you/preview of the action in the PH Global group!