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Josiah Austin Gulden
@jgulden · designer | writer | simplifier
Completely agree with @eric3000. There's something extraordinarily powerful about the mobile video medium and its ability to tell stories that let us experience the world from someone else's point of view. Clearly, companies like Snapchat and Meerkat have harnessed that power in new and effective ways. But to me, as an early user, Vidku stands out in two entirely different and entirely new ways: First, it's nonlinear. Where Snapchat stories are sequential, Vidku stories allow you to explore moments and perspectives organically. It's a Choose Your Own Adventure book in a world of novellas. Second, it's asynchronous. Tools like Meerkat and Periscope are great at bringing far-flung communities face-to-face in real time, but there hasn't really been a "Slack for Video" that lets groups do that across time... until now. Add in the privacy and control factors, as well as a design that is truly a pleasure to use, and I think the Vidku team is truly, unmistakably on to something. Question for the team: where did the inspiration for this product come from? What itch were you scratching?
Charlie Miller
@design2research · Vidku Cofounder, Chief Design Officer
@jgulden I like to have a drink (or two) and have fun with friends. I'm also a parent and like sharing special moments with family. And now I'm a co-founder with employees. Vidku was designed to give me a safe place to be myself with my intended audience.