Video Standups Automation by Standuply

Spend less time on standups with automated agendas and calls


Do your standup calls take more than 15 minutes? Standuply solves it this way:

1. It gathers standup inputs via Slack.

2. Then all answers are shared with the team.

3. On schedule everyone gets a link to join a video call (no installation, thanks


βœ… a team is prepared;

βœ… calls start automatically;

βœ… time is saved;

Voila πŸ‘

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9 Reviews5.0/5

We use Standuply twice a day for efficient team check-ins. We love the easy but powerful scheduling and the ability to control what questions are asked at each check-in and how the results are summarized.


Amazing configurability, super clean Slack integration



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This definitely makes for more efficient, more effective standups. Also supports remote team culture.

- We run on Slack, so the prompts are great. No need to go somewhere else, or remember to do the check-in. It gets done.

- The scheduling flexibility is great! We schedule an asynchronous morning check-in. Very useful for a remote team, where it's important to support everyone, and have them feel in sync. And then we do a quick afternoon report, to prep for the live standup. Great tool πŸ‘


Fast, effortless, and smart scheduling options.