Video Funnel Playbook

30+ video funnel templates for sales, marketing and CS teams

A PDF recipe book of video funnels for sales, marketing and customer success teams. Includes 30+ copy & paste video funnel templates proven to help you stand out from the crowd, and accelerate your business growth. Ungated: No email required to download.
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Hey Product Hunt! 🎉🎉🎉 I've spent the last 3 years at Bonjoro researching and teaching (mainly in weekly webinars) a totally new type of email marketing, called video funnels. Along the way I've pulled together over 30 "video funnels” that are proven to help you grow your business. Including results like: - more replies to your sales emails - higher lead conversion rates - upsells from your most engaged customers - more 5 star reviews from happy customers I've called the fruits of my research the Video Funnel Playbook. I know this is probably a new term for most of you, so I've put together a quick explanation of what a video funnel is. Hope this helps :) What's a video funnel exactly? A video-funnel is like a normal sales, marketing or CS funnel, but instead of plain/HTML emails, you send personalised videos at key trigger events. With video-email open rates around 70%, and CTRs around 50% the difference vs. standard email marketing is night and day. The funnels are split neatly into 3 categories dependent on your job role and objective: > Conversion funnels < These funnels ensure prospects and leads respond positively to your outbound and inbound sales efforts, so you can book more calls, win more deals, and increase your conversion rates. Most suited for: Sales, Marketing > Activation funnels < This set of funnels is designed to get new customers to actually use your course or product, to improve retention rates and increase your customer lifetime value (CLTV). Most suited for: Customer Success, Marketing > Growth funnels < These funnels are all about getting upsells, reviews and referrals from your happiest and most active customers to drive ongoing growth in your business. Most suited for: Customer Success, Account Management, Marketing That's it! Hope you like it. Comments and feedback are very welcome. I'll surely release a 2.0 Playbook in the future!
@oliverbridge3 Great resource, and commendable for you to give it away ungated!
Not a bonjoro customer so far -- but I have consumed their content. This playbook should help me do wonders! Thank you! I'll be your customer one day!
@aazar_ali_shad Thank you! We'd be glad to have you. Hope you've found a few useful video funnels for your business in the playbook :)
Just a brief play with the app has already shown me the incredible power of this with servicing and marketing to prospects and clients- so excited to have access to the playbook
@nomig Thanks Nomiki! Hope the playbook inspires some awesome new ways to connect with your customers in 2020 :)
Video is a super powerful tool but there are so many different types of video content that can be created - the personal aspect of Bonjoro is truly unique. From a marketing/customer journey perspective, funnels are widely understood so I really like how this ties the two together. The best companies are segmenting their customer journeys based on "jobs to be done", and these playbooks are a great example of how different types of companies can use video funnels to get their desired outcomes based on their specific goals (convert customers, retain users, get more reviews, etc.) The way this PDF lays out each step to setting up a specific funnel based on the JTBD is super helpful!
WOW! I'm blown away by all the amazing ideas in the playbook. I was shocked at how long it was, I guess I was expecting less? If you implemented just ONE of these, I think it would be a major win and boost in marketing/engagement/retention.