Unlimited video edits for a small monthly fee

Vidchops is a flat rate, subscription video editing service built to help you make better videos, grow your business, and save you a ton of time.

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Hey everyone πŸ‘‹ I'm Augie. used to be a full time YouTuber and over the course of doing so amassed roughly 20 million views and 200,000+ subscribers in the basketball niche. Editing was always a pain point for me as I was required to meet a strict upload schedule for my audience and wanted everything to look perfect. I wanted something to make the process easier and struggled to find any paid editors who met a level of quality I was happy uploading to my channel. This frustration sprouted the idea for Vidchops. It's a service which provides unlimited video editing for a small monthly fee. You provide the footage and requests while we edit it together into a professional looking video. Turnaround time is 48 hours or less and if you're not happy with the edit we'll revise it until you are. The goal is to provide something creators can use which allows them to spend more time in front of the camera rather than behind a computer screen. I'd love any constructive feedback and hope people find it useful. If you're wanting to sign up I have a 7 day free trial you can redeem by clicking here or visiting I'll be online all day to answer any questions you may have!
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I've been watching Augie on YouTube for a while and when he reached out on Twitter I was super interested in Vidchops and the service he was offering. I think it's a cool modal with some stuff that could also be changed and adapted with growth.
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