Easy DJing with iTunes and SoundCloud

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Fun. A very different but fun browser-based app for music-making fans: Incredibox v4
@rrhoover Thanks, Ryan! Will check it out.
As creators of vibble we’re very pleased to be featured on Product Hunt! Thank you @williamshuxley ! We’ve been developing our software for quite some time now and just soft launched our mvp in mid September. Reception so far has been very good and we’re very excited to continue developing vibble to the amazing creative music platform it is going to be. With vibble you can now easily mix between songs from iTunes and SoundCloud with a simple swipe across the screen. Our Audio Engine will give the users the choice of 4 different transitions for every mix, all based on our analysis of the music. On top of that there is a super easy sample player adding sound effects from carefully selected up and coming dj’s/producers as well as different genres. We’re now up and running on iOS and are planning an Android version as soon as possible. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, and stay tuned as new exciting features and updates will be added frequently. Feedback is highly appreciated! BTW: it’s all free!!
Android on the way?
@livejamie Yes, hopefully early 2017. The audio engine in iOS was just way easier to work with, but with Android's latency issues fixed we should get it out pretty soon.
Looks cool - I look forward to trying when its on Android.
@plurnt Thanks! We'll let you know as soon as we have something to test:)