The Superhuman Product Market Fit Engine, built for any product. Collect structured user feedback, measure PMF on an ongoing basis, and use historical survey data to answer new questions instantly. Find product market fit faster than ever.
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Hey Product Hunt! First of all, thank you @toddg777 for hunting Viable Fit. We really appreciate all of the support that you and Rahul have given us these past few months. We wouldn't be here without you! I'm Dan, co-founder and CEO of Viable Fit. I'm thrilled to finally participate in this community and I'm looking forward to helping all these great products find product market fit! Our team has been working hard for months to bring this vision to life, and we're excited to share it with you all today. I've been building products for the last 15 years and I've spent a lot of that time in the wilderness, trying to find that elusive thing that all founders seek: product market fit. When I came across the Superhuman Product Market Fit Engine (, I knew that I'd found a process that could help any team get out of the wilderness and find product market fit! In short: By automating your customer feedback loop, Viable Fit continuously tracks and measures your product market fit and gives you the data and tools to figure out what to build to increase your score. We do this by helping you run a process that keeps you close to your customers: 1. We help you send a survey out to your users to answer four simple questions that help you understand how well your product fits your customer's needs, discover what your target market looks like, identify your product's biggest strengths, and locate the parts of your product that need improvement. We then take all of this data to compute your PMF Score - a single number that you can track over time to measure how well your product fits your target market. 2. We then take the results of that survey and augment it with deep demographic data, like city, state, job title, seniority, and company size to help you understand what each customer segment loves about your product and how well your product serves the needs of each of these segments. Using this data, we help you define and expand your target market so you know exactly who you're building for. 3. Next, we pull out key words and phrases to help you track trends and reveal the signal in all that noise. Our powerful automated tagging system helps you keep all of your data organized with almost no effort on your part so you can focus on the big picture instead of fiddling endlessly with the details. 4. We give your whole team access to a shared inbox of survey responses, fully filterable by tags, demographics, Fit Segment, and survey question. This allows you easy find relevant customer feedback for any project and find solid answers to some super fuzzy questions. Want to see what Executives at 10-100 person companies want to see improved about a specific feature? With Viable Fit you can get an answer in seconds. 5. When you find your answers, you'll inevitably have ideas to help you improve your product. Viable Fit connects your ideas directly to your customer feedback data to help you choose the right idea to implement next. We've helped over 100 early design partners measure, track, and improve their product market fit, and now we're excited to help the Product Hunt community find product market fit for their products too. 💸 Normally we offer our full feature set for your first 100 responses for free, no credit card required. But, we wanted to offer something special to the Product Hunt community, so if you sign up today your trial will be free for the first 200 responses! When you decide to upgrade, it's just $99 for your first 100 responses per month, and only $0.99 per response after that. We hope you give it a try, and please don't hesitate to send feedback our way!
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@toddg777 @techwraith _ Is team collaboration possible within the product or only one person has to handle the dashboard?
@anubhav_rao We haven't built out the invite system yet, but if your team members sign up using your company's email domain, they'll be added to your team in Viable Fit. Hope that helps!
@toddg777 @techwraith So useful! thanks for making this!
@adsakashkumar Sorry to hear that. I'm not seeing any issues on my end. Would you mind sending me an email with a screenshot of what you're seeing?
Viable Fit has productized the now famous Product Market Fit Engine defined by Rahul Vohra at Superhuman. It's useful to not only measure your product market fit score, but also make sense of all the qualitative feedback you receive from your users. Disclosure: I'm a small investor :)
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Viable Fit has built a product that will help product teams, designers, engineers, and marketers align on their product vision -- based on customer feedback techniques that helped inspire the Superhuman product team. We talk about "product market fit" as being the goal for everything we build, but we have never actually measured it. Now we can. The PMF score should be the first slide on every investor pitch, board meeting deck, and cross-functional meeting at your company.
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We built this product because it's really hard to organize user feedback in a simple way and answer questions like "What do Product Managers think of feature X?" If you think that's something you want to know about your product, this is the tool for you.
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I can really see the value of this for early stage founders!
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Thanks @isabel_bescos! We believe that PMF is the single most important metric for early stage teams to measure and track. It's our hope that Viable Fit helps early stage founders find the right market and build the right product as quickly as possible. Once you hit the growth stage, Viable Fit can make growing your market both quantifiable and actionable!