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Min Thu Wai


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Rachel Andrew
Rachel AndrewHunter@rachelandrew · Managing Director,
The Versioning email was already a fantastic resource for anyone who works on the web, and the new Versioning site allows everyone to contribute and share the interesting resources they find. I've been looking at the Beta and it's a great way to get an overview of what people are talking about on the web.
Ophelie Lechat
Ophelie LechatMaker@ophelielechat · Head of Content & Community, SitePoint
@rachelandrew Thanks Rachel! The whole Versioning team is already addicted to our own product, we hope to share the joy :)
simonjulianMaker@simonjulian · General Manager
@ophelielechat @rachelandrew Surely are :) Thanks for Hunting us out Rachel, much appreciated!
KatMaker@katja_ghost · Designer/Illustrator
I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do!
Alex Lunnon
Alex Lunnon@alexanderlunnon · Product @ Redbubble
Nice work guys!!
Evan Varsamis
Evan Varsamis@evanvar · Founder & CEO The Gadget Flow
define incredible things :D
kyle vermeulen
kyle vermeulenMaker@kylevermeulen · Product Manager, SitePoint
@evanvar Fair enough :) Our aim is to keep busy web folks ahead on all things web development and design, but there's usually a bit of fun and random entertainment mixed in!
Joost Schuur
Joost Schuur@joostschuur · Platform Evangelist, Playmob
@kylevermeulen @evanvar You might want to be a bit more specific in your tagline. The webdev centric focus was a bit hard to gleam from that. In fact, my whole first impression of the site was 'What's this about again?' A part of me saw 'versioning' and thought it was some kind of niche, version control system specific user submitted story site.
simonjulianMaker@simonjulian · General Manager
@joostschuur @evanvar Thanks for the feedback Joost, it's appreciated!
kyle vermeulen
kyle vermeulenMaker@kylevermeulen · Product Manager, SitePoint
@joostschuur @evanvar Agree with you re: not especially specific... open for ideas on a better tagline. Perhaps "A social news site for kind web folk" ..?
kyle vermeulen
kyle vermeulenMaker@kylevermeulen · Product Manager, SitePoint