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$1M on-demand General Liability insurance starting at $5


Verifly delivers on-demand, by the job General Liability insurance by the job for independent workers. Buy in bite-sized pieces, from a single hour to a full month. Get insured in less than 30 seconds.

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If you need an affordable general insurance policy for a short period of time this is the best place to get it.


Easy to purchase and affordable! I needed coverage for a few hours.


Some states don't have coverage yet.

Entrepreneur and growth marketer

Insurance isn’t the sexiest space, but for anyone who has looked into getting business insurance, this verifly product is fundamentally game changing. Cool bc it matches insurance to how we work these days, by the job. Look forward to more states approving this product.


can buy insurance by the hour, affordable, lots of coverage up to $2M


More state coverage


Outstanding! I know so many who have locked in long-term business insurance policies for one-off uses. This spares them the headache of calling agents and offers significant cost savings. Check it out!


Agile, on-demand solution for freelancers who benefit from flexible, short-term policies.



Business owner at Dare To Flair Mixology
Short or long terms are available, and no unnecessary questions are asked!