No one enjoys reading on a phone... So whenever you find an article or blog post online, simply send it to the Verblr app, and get that content turned into a podcast you can listen to - instantly.
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Hey! I came up with Verblr on my commute because I thought it would be cool to listen to articles on the web like a podcast - rather than have to scroll through tiny text on a phone screen! Hope you guys like it! ps. The Android version is coming June 2020! Update 26/05: I observed infrequent issues with some Medium articles. Apologies if you were affected by this, a fix has just gone live! Update 28/05: support for Apple News! Update 20/07: 🎉 All of the invites have now gone out for the #Android app! Thank you to everyone for being a part of the launch! Available now: Update 21/07: The new #iOS update is our biggest yet!✨ - fix for PDF handling - fix for duration sometimes not updating - fix for library ordering - improved artwork loading - troubleshooting on share errors - misc quality of life tweaks - visual polish available now
Interesting. I do this now with a subset of my Pocket (long form stuff). Even though Pocket has a listen feature I find it much more useful to have a personal podcast feed where I already spend a bunch of time to listen to stuff. My current workflow is that a specific pocket tag gets sent to Narro via IFTTT. From there, the article then becomes a new episode in my personal podcast feed. What's great is that it even works for YouTube videos. In that case however, it just uses the audio from the video.
@bracco i think Narro is a good comparison but the UX is different. Narro is podcast centric, in that all the content you submit via various integrations ends up being consumable in your native podcast app after a few minutes. With Verblr its a fully native, in app experience where the content is parsed into something that _feels_ like a podcast within seconds and can be played there and then in the app. Having a simple 'share/tap to listen' UX loop means the less tech savvy users and/or visually impaired users find Verblr very easy to use, and that's hugely important to me. I know firsthand how painful it is to read the web with a screenreader from my time working on making websites accessible.
@bracco This is exactly what I do as well.
Very Cool Darius! I just downloaded the app and added my first article. I'm going to listen to it now :) Curious how it sounds :) If this works well I'm going to listen to Medium articles a lot on this :)
@yannick_veys awesome! I've started aggregating feature requests from users on the trello board so DM me if you have any feedback! :)
I like the service, but... :) The home screen is a bit weird once you "uploaded" your first article I'd expect to start seeing an overview of articles. It only changes once you restart the app. What I don't understand is why I need to pay AGAIN for an article I already listened to? I'd like to listen to it again without paying? I bought 10k words for 2,29 but it didn't remember me buying it after I restart the app? I would also not limit the subscription based on word count. :)
@yannick_veys No, you shouldn't be charged again for an article you have already paid for once with credits? Apologies if that is the case, and the home screen should auto refresh, so sounds like some weirdness going on. If you send the details including your email you used to I will get it sorted for you ps. have resolved some issues parsing Medium content, in case that affected you
Love this!!