Find a venue for your event w/in 72 hours

#1 Product of the DayApril 21, 2014
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I've hosted a few happy hours and brunches. The hardest part of planning is finding the right venue. With VenueSpot, simply submit details about your event and venues will compete for your business. Looking forward to trying it out.
We are an online marketplace where venues bid to host events. We are in San Francisco, CA and Vancouver, BC currently and have plans to expand to the other major cities in North America.
This would be perfect for helping me find venues for our upcoming conferences and after parties. Look forward to the expansion into new cities. FYI DC, Dallas, Miami, Denver, Atlanta & Chicago are a few that would be useful for us in the next ~12 months.
Hey, @tommytcchan! Do venues offer cheaper rates than they traditionally charge to compete for business?
@rrhoover They offer competitive rates since it is a bidding platform!