Vend Me Social

A vending machine that responds to Tweets, Likes, or Follows

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Not entirely sure that its needed to mention "2.5M Impressions per event" - these metrics don't tend to mean much at all... For something that requires user input then the engagement is the key metric - having high impression numbers will likely make the engagement % look weak, even if it isn't. I can't remember the last time I used a vending machine, but its interesting to see this spin on it... Although requiring the user to undertake an action may prove to be too much... Path of least resistance and all that, I'd happily throw a pound coin in a machine if I were to use one... That being said... I would just as easily send a tweet in this context, if in a festival or something, for example, and be entered in for a chance to meet a band or something...
@bentossell Hey Ben, thanks for the post! Some of our clients have been very interested in the amount of reach/awareness that their brand is getting online which is why we mentioned that 2.5M average impressions per event at our recent activations. If they're weighing the CPM costs of investing in paid media impressions for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc - then hopefully anyone can immediately recognize the huge value in this sort of product. But I agree 100% with your point about the importance of engagement. Love your idea about sending a tweet at a festival for a chance to meet a band! We've done various prizes like sunglasses, bottle openers, snacks, gift cards, etc... but that type of experiential payoff would be awesome.
Live Experiences can be meaningful and memorable, while Digital Activations offer amplification and measurability. But by combining the two, Vend Me Social has developed something that's truly powerful. Vend Me Social is a machine that vends prizes in exchange for branded Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram posts. No cash or coins required, and an average of 2.5MM impressions per 4-hour event activation. It's the perfect fusion of Live + Digital.
Is there a limit on the number of times or frequency with which a single user can benefit? Is there the option to outright pay rather than using a tweet, etc.? To @bentossell 's point, maybe specifically targeting locations where people are likely to have their phones on them but not change/small bills? Similarly, audiences who are more likely to have their phone with them than cash? OR not an immediate physical reward. Looking at the TGIFriday's image - maybe tweet for a free appetizer at your next meal or something? Maybe the ability to gift it to a friend?
@cfrascl yeah I feel like this is more for a 'get special deals' etc than 'buy this chocolate bar by tweeting'
@bentossell @cfrascl Hey Ben and Chris, all great points. In its current format, Vend Me Social is geared toward brands looking to award consumers with branded swag in exchange for social media buzz at large-scale festivals, tradeshows and conferences. It's not necessarily a substitute for the traditional vending machine at a local mall that offers candy bars in exchange for cash or coins. We view this product as an expression of live + digital in experiential marketing where the user's input (a social post) triggers the machine's output (a prize vending.) At most activations, our machines are vending products like t-shirts, sunglasses and koozies, not candy bars and chips. Definitely love the idea of offering future rewards like the TGIFriday's example. Something like that would be very cool and could lead to even more traction at a given activation!