Veggies in Season

Find out which vegetables and fruits are in season right now

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This is awesome! You can save a lot of money by buying in season vegetables. What's next, fruits? UPDATE: It includes fruits!
Looks great. Something that vegans like myself will appreciate. I wonder if the veggies it is showing me is based on my location? Or is it an arbitrary list?
@flegontovna thanks a lot! :) the seasonality info is taken from a couple of public databases right now, but you are right that it is mostly based in western europe. I could definitely add the location based component in a next iteration, great suggestion.
@lechienvic thanks! I can tell you now that veggies in season in Barcelona are different font Amsterdam. Here it's potatoes year round :)
@lechienvic @flegontovna Location-based recommendations would be awesome. Also if it would be possible to integrate with some kind of shopping-list app, not sure how though.