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VeeR was born out of the belief that content sharing is veering towards VR.

VeeR gives its users the platform, analytic and editing tools, support, and know-how necessary for creating remarkably immersive and stunning VR videos. We invite you to join in our vision and take part in the world’s most dynamic VR community.

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5 Reviews5.0/5

That is exactly what the present should look like, as social media sharing is becoming a platform for creators and active users that want to stand out among routinary posts. Awesome


Great directory of original VR content


It is still growing in features

A well-timed project representing a new wave of social media tending from banal judgments to visual data and information. VR or to be more exact - mixed reality is the strong side of the project. VeeR combines interactive opportunities with educational and creative functions. It should be noted that a certain necessary level of creativity for similar new generation projects is a kind of qualification, a peculiar pass to the future that not everyone will get


creative communication, really immersive experience, evidences of platformization, sharing/inclusive/participative economy starting


sound problems