Veego Stand

The Laptop Stand that becomes part of your laptop

The Veego stand attaches to your laptop so you'll never forget it. The Veego Stand is thin, light, folds flat, and reduces soreness from "laptop hunch"

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  • Celeste Cai
    Celeste CaiHer Words, Her World

    Light, Thin, Convenient!


    Nothing I can think of!

    Amazing invention which allows you to carry your laptop stand wherever you go! Takes only less than 3 secs to set up/pack up and props laptop up to a great angle such that it gives your back /shoulders/neck more relief and comfort.

    Celeste Cai has used this product for one month.
  • Tim Chan
    Tim ChanMarketing Strategist, Coracle Marketing

    Reduces my sore back and neck from laptop use


    I can't use it while it's folded flat. Well, I can, but it's not completely sturdy. But I can always take off the Veego Stand if I want.

    I've used the prototype of the Veego Stand for the last month, and I'm loving it! I like that it attaches and stays attached to my laptop. But it's not on there permanently. With the microsuction pad, I can take off the Veego Stand whenever I want.

    It raises my laptop by 2 inches, which reduces my laptop hunch. It's also fine to type at a slight angle.

    Tim Chan has used this product for one month.
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