Vectoraster 7

Vector graphic dot gradients, halftones and line rasters

Vectoraster is a macOS graphics utility for creating vector-based raster patterns and halftones. The raster patterns and points can be changed and varied dynamically to produce many effects. The result is always shown, updating in real time with any change.
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Been working off and on on this for many years, so it's not really a new project. But at least the latest update 7.4.5 is kind of new, and it's new to product hunt, so let's call it a launch here at least. Hope you all like it! If you're already a user of Vectoraster or you've got ideas for the future of the product, I'd love to hear from you. I'm especially interested to hear how you use the software, and what you use it for. Mostly because I'm just curious, but also to give me a better understanding of what would be valuable to you users in future updates.
If v7.4.5 wasn't new enough to you there's now v7.4.6. Really new! The update fixes some issues with the font selection panel for text sources and also enables importing pictures from your system Photos library via the macOS open dialogue for use as image sources. Update for free in the app, or try it out for free at