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Are these free for commerical use?
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Thanks for hunting this @chrismessina! Since forever I have looked for vector versions of various Emoji. Emoji today are so ubiquitous in our design language and I personally use them a lot. I have been in plenty of situations where it would have been great to have a set of editable and scalable emoji. Unfortunately there are close to zero good sources online– I at least never managed to find any that I liked. So I'm pretty excited to release a vector emoji set in the freebie section on Apply Pixels. I spend a lot of time trying to get these as close to the real thing has possible. They're available for both Photoshop & Sketch. Hope you find a use for them! 😍
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@chrismessina @flarup Thank you for not forcing me to enter my email before I downloaded the file! Entered it afterwards because of that.
@chrismessina @flarup hello! Any way this will be made available in Adobe XD? We dropped Sketch a while back already
@florian_monfort Just open PSD files in XD and you're good to go! PS: Recently XD added better support for opening Sketch files.
Are these not copyright-protected by Apple? From my understanding, specific Emoji implementations are owned by the entity who created them, and these are the ones from Apple.
@flarup's awesome emoji vector package has finally been released for Sketch!
@flarup @chrismessina Kind of infuriating that you know someone originally made all these (anyone know who?) and the vector version exists out there somewhere! Maybe an Apple employee could leak them 🤗
@flarup @brandonhaslegs I know, seriously. I don't understand why Apple doesn't release them. Maybe there's a way to decode the Apple Color Emoji font to get to the vectors?
I was just working on a design in photoshop with printscreen/paste from when I got the notification you published these 😀. Too bad it's only the common ones.
@mightyalex Thanks Alex! I'm hoping to expand the set in the future 👍