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VCGC is a platform aimed at supporting women in tech, venture, and entrepreneurship - industries that have traditionally been opaque with high barriers to entry. By sharing stories, building community, and fostering dialogue, we can all come together to create our generation's identity of women working in these industries.

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    Phenomenal content


    Keep adding more interviews!

    Candid conversations, amazing women.

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  • Renata Lopes Merriam
    Renata Lopes MerriamCEO - Kingdom B

    You seem to have a very clear mind about what you are building. I’d love to hear more.


    A bit crowded space. How do you differentiate from other in the space?

    I am an entrepreneur and might like to join.

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Samantha Kaminsky
Samantha KaminskyMaker@samantha_kaminsky
we are super excited to share VCGC with you all. it is a cause we are extremely passionate about + decided to build a platform around it. we look forward to bringing you all into the VCGC community! a bit about us: my-cofounder + I were brought together through a shared interest in entrepreneurship and investing. throughout our experiences, we’ve met awesome and accomplished women that have inspired us, motivated us, and most importantly, shared with us. we got together, started chatting, and had an idea: these stories, perspectives, and inspiration are worth collecting. why not build a powerful community + network based around it? meet VCGC.
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
@samantha_kaminsky the existence of this makes me so happy 😄are you planning to make it a global network?
Samantha Kaminsky
Samantha KaminskyMaker@samantha_kaminsky
@abadesi so glad to hear it!! our vision is to have a global reach- as the community is global. thanks for your support and looking forward to having you as part of our community!
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Congrats on the launch! If you could choose any 5 people to interview for VCGC, who would they be? Observation: When I visited the site I didn't realize the profile pics linked to interviews/chats with each person. It might help to include a specific "View Chat" link or something similar.
Samantha Kaminsky
Samantha KaminskyMaker@samantha_kaminsky
Thanks for the support + feedback @rrhoover ! Five is tough to pick. Some women who we would love to have are Aileen Lee, Kirsten Green, Jean Liu, Katrina Lake, and Julia Hartz. This list is not exhaustive and we’re excited to build a community and discover more amazing women whose stories haven't been shared.
Robert Gibb
Robert Gibb@gibbiv · I write and grow businesses
I love how you took action on this. From my experience, the more smart women a company has, the more successful it is. Featuring these women on your site and collecting their stories and approach to business is important. Now for some feedback that I hope you find constructive... The initiative is noble but the final product is forgettable. These are just simple Q&As. Little editorial value is added. Maybe a better approach would be to scour the web for stories by journalists inspired by businesswomen and get rights to republish them here. Curate content at first rather than creating it yourself. Either way, I would definitely improve the UX. Small grey text on a white background isn't very engaging. Check out other publishing sites you like and see how they approach design and readability.
Samantha Kaminsky
Samantha KaminskyMaker@samantha_kaminsky
Thanks @gibbiv ! Appreciate the feedback and will incorporate it as we work on next steps in the product evolution. Excited to have you as part of the community!
Ben Marcilhacy
Ben Marcilhacy@ben_marcilhacy · MBA Student - Xoogler
AMAZING! Looking forward to more content.
Samantha Kaminsky
Samantha KaminskyMaker@samantha_kaminsky
Thanks @ben_marcilhacy ! Excited to have you in the VCGC community!
Usha Arun
Usha Arun@iushaarun · Tech Consultant । Startups enthusiast ।
It's great to see an initiative built around women entrepreneurs. Looking forward to it becoming a successful global network 👍
Samantha Kaminsky
Samantha KaminskyMaker@samantha_kaminsky
Thanks @iushaarun for the support! Excited to have you as a VCGCer!