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I created this app for myself, to remind me every 5-15 minutes to sit up straight. It's helped my posture a bunch after a couple of days using it 🚀


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  • JaphProduct Manager, Human Made Ltd

    Simple, does what's needed and no more.


    No real cons without asking the app to be something it isn't.

    I used to use a Pomodoro app for a similar thing, but stopped using that overall technique for GTD and missed the posture reminder. Enter Vatobe!

    Japh has used this product for one month.


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Loisaida Sam@loisaidasam · Dev, Hifi
Good product! For the slightly more advanced, simply adding this to your crontab effectively achieves the same thing: */5 * * * * say "Sit up"
Patrick@justawebguy · Creator of Donut Dog App
@loisaidasam lol I like that. I configured my mac to always speak the notifications I receive. So I made a cron job with notifications (mac): */5 * * * * osascript -e 'display notification "Just fucking do it" with title "SIT UP STRAIGHT"' PS: Like the app! Great idea!