Automatically Hide/Close inactive apps

#4 Product of the DayAugust 03, 2019
Keep your workspace clean and automatically hide or close inactive apps after a custom set period of time. You can also keep an app active by clicking the red circle in the menu.
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Quitter does this for free, with the option to hide or quit after x minutes on an app by app basis.
@lucian101 Hey, how is it different from Hocus Focus? Does it have a feature for groups or to switch quickly between modes?
@boettges Hey Peter! A useful feature is that you can keep an app visible by clicking the red button for any app in the menu, and also you can set a custom time to hide apps. Hocus Focus is a great app but I have made Vanish to be really quick and easy to use. Also, it does not have a feature for groups for now and to switch between modes you have to select the mode in the main window. Thanks for the suggestions! I will add a group mode in the next update and also an option to set a Shortcut for each mode.
Keep your workflow flowing and clean your workspace by hiding inactive apps after a period of time. Set a custom time for each application and Vanish will hide the application if it hasn't been activated for that period of time. You can keep an application visible and disable hiding by clicking the Red Circle button in the menu. --------Features-------- • Hides applications after not being activated for a specified time • Hover over an application in the Menu and set a custom number of seconds until hide timer • Click the red circle for each application to disable hiding and keep that app visible • See all Visible and Hidden apps • Set the Light/Dark appearance theme for the app in the Preferences window • Select from Preset Timer Modes from the main window which are designed for some situations • Reset all timers for all Running apps from the preferences - will set the timers to "10" seconds (default value)
Great job!!😊 Will check it out
@ayush_chandra Thanx! Hope you find it useful and hide many apps :D
Thanks. I hate clutter, so automatic cleanup is appreciated.