vanilla bean

Discover vegan restaurants. Tasty, organic, healthy eating.

vanilla bean is a vegan restaurant guide with unique health- and sustainability-related information about every venue. It is available in several countries, including Germany, the UK, and now also the USA with the largest database of its kind.

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way better than a google search for vegan restaurants. Good product!


simple, easy, quick, comprehensive, strong community


no cons for vegan food lovers!!!

One of the best vegan directories or the best I have come across. Congrats on helping increase Vegan lifestyles. What a person eats affects our minds and science is barely learning this. Thank you for this wonderful service!
Thanks for hunting @myrronth please tell us more about what inspired this project and what cities are available and coming soon.
@abadesi Together with @myrronth and two other guys we have worked for many years in the biggest app agency in Germany developing apps for clients like Red Bull, Google, BMW, and others. It was fun but at the same time, we had the impression that as developers and app designers we weren’t using our skills and possibilities for causes that actually matter. I’ve been vegan for 5 or 6 years now and was a vegetarian before for most of my life. In addition to the terrible conditions under which we produce meat, there are big environmental issues that are linked to our mass production of livestock. There are no services right now that specialize in vegan-friendly restaurants and are also free on all platforms. vanilla bean now makes it possible to, for example, look up vegan-friendly venues with gluten-free options which are using local and fair-trade ingredients. People demand more and more transparency. I think there is a general rise in awareness that consumers do have power. We can lament on how inhumane and destructive the economy is, especially in regards to our environment, but we can also change the game. In the end, we as consumers decide what and how things are produced in our society. Our app is a tool for making those conscious decisions easier and we do this by focussing on delicious food.
Checking this out now! I wish we could rate places we've been without having to log in with facebook. I've been facebook-free for 5 years and would love to be able to recommend places in town.