Generate color palettes using keywords, powered by AI

Ever wanted the perfect color palette for a winter evening, cherry blossom, sunset ? VANGOGH generates color palettes for any search term. It uses Machine Learning to generate color palettes from millions of images that are contextually representative.
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Hmm, "Google, but for color palettes" sounds familiar..
@pontusborjesson colors ≠ palettes. However I'm a fan of picular. Great product!
Definitely good idea, there is the way how to improve it, by applying ability to add matching colors (using color wheel for example).
@densimn Thank you! And yes, stronger color theory methods could be used to improve the quality of the palettes. Working on it currently : )
I love the visualization. Honestly, this looks and feels incredible!
@fscholz Thank you! Please do check if you'd like to know how it was made
Wish it worked on mobile devices. 😕 but I’ll check it out on my computer soon.
@alexsmacd The first version was made for both platforms. The users then mentioned that it's not of much use on a mobile as almost all the design tools are desktop based.
@poobesh_gowtham Okay, that makes sense. However, if I may offer a suggestion—can you offer some sort of overview of the app on mobile devices (general description, screenshots, etc.) to show off the app, and give people a reason to view it on their computer? If someone gets sent the link or accesses it from Google, if they’re on a mobile device, they have no clue what they missed out on.
@alexsmacd Makes sense. I'll work on it. Thank you!
Great product, it's pretty good at choosing the right colors for specific objects (animals, foods,...). Beautiful UI as well!
@omid_rooholfada2 Thank you! As you said, accuracy is good for things with strong color associations.