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It's definitely a super crowded and hard space, however this team is solid and have shown a lot of spirit (working on it for years) now. I believe they just closed some funding with some prominent angels (Soundcloud CEO included) - so I think they're on the right track. Go team Vamos!
Thanks @jamesepember for your support!
We were meant to launch tomorrow, but since it leaked out on Product Hunt today everyone who sees this will be the first: Here's the iOS app that we've rebuilt from the ground up: https://itunes.apple.com/app/vam... Here's the web platform that scales and works across any device or platform http://getvamos.com
I've followed Vamos since it's inception, and this latest design is a huge leap for the product. In the world of events, still either dominated by big wigs, or restricted by curation, Vamos is a beacon of light. Excited to see this improvement.
Thanks! @carlmartin I'm glad you like the new Vamos. Cheers from Berlin
The new design is really nice! Good job guys, from a fellow Hyper. :)
@nikitakorotaev we actually released a completely new web platform too, and an Android-app is just a couple of weeks away. On top of FB and Eventbrite, Vamos also pulls in events from Ticketmaster, Eventim and StubHub and we're adding more sources every month making us one of the most complete catalogues of events in the world with over half a million events monthly in our backend. What makes Vamos special today and moving forward is our event recommendation engine that finds the user a personalised list based on their location, profile, where friends are going and venues with previous "joins" on FB.