Valuta EX

A currency converter perfect for travelers 🎒

Valuta EX is the simplest converter you’ll ever imagine. It has a nice and clean minimal interface, with no frills at all. It allows to search for a currency by name, currency code or country. It provides the users with hourly updated currency exchange rates working also offline, using the latest exchange rate known.

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Wish I had this at the beginning of my trip! Regardless, I'll be using it tomorrow... I'd add some sort of icon / indicator that makes finding the menu and changing the currencies clearer. Any chance you can add ethereum? 😄
@ggarnhart also, your app looks stellar without adds. I purchased the in app purchase, but perhaps consider implementing some sort of "watch a video and have no ads for 24 hours" system. The entire interface is SO much cleaner without ads that I'd imagine people would be happy to go through that process.
@ggarnhart Hi Greg! Thanks for your feedback. Your observation is correct: we should definitely find a way to make more evident the possible interactions offered by the application. We need to understand whether to proceed in the direction of a small graphic refactoring, or to take other stratagems, as for instance leading the user to discover the possible features offered by the app through a small tutorial at first start. Then, to answer your question regarding Ethereum well, yes, we are planning to add it to our currency set as well as more than an hundred other cryptocurrencies. Finally, regarding the possibility of removing ads via watching a video, I think it could be cool. In our roadmap we will first align Valuta for Android and web to Valuta EX, and then I think we could have rooms to evaluate this option. Thanks again for all your feedbacks and for your appreciation.
We are really committed to this project, so if you have any suggestion write us ;)
@mmarcon91 @massimo_de_marchi @mmarcon91 Love the simple design! What did you aim to do differently with your app, compared to other currency converters? Thanks
@mmarcon91 @massimo_de_marchi @abadesi We have started the Valuta project trying to design the most easy to use currency converter we could. Our aim has always been making the conversion operation as intuitive and fast as possible. We consider Google as our main competitor, so, we are looking to improve in the direction in which a browser interaction implicitly lacks - usability. We offer a super easy search which allows the user to search for a currency by name, currency code or country. Sometimes in fact, especially when you are travelling, you don't know the name of the currency associated with a country. This also helps you finding the right answer even in case in which a country has more than one currency available (Cuba for instance). Storing exchange rates for offline use is another key difference against many other competitors. This means user will have an app which works every time they need, granting support even when no internet connection is available. In addition we have recently introduced the possibility to incorporate exchange fees in conversion so that the user can easily understand the conversion costs associated with credit card or other intermediary services. In our last update we have finally introduced the possibility to do simple math operations, simplifying conversions in case of sums and multiplications of amounts. In accordance with the state of the art, the development of Valuta EX points towards simplifying user experience. We plan to introduce localization for most countries so that any user can search and interact with the app in his own language. Next to localization we would like to add geolocation in order to rearrange the list of available currencies bringing higher up the list those currencies that are more likely to be selected by the user. We are planning to introduce trend graphs, but again we want to do so without slowing the actual interaction: in many circumnstances the user does not need to see historical representations, so we are looking to find a way to offer this additional feature without clutter the actual interface as many of our competitors do. We are also planning to introduce crypto currencies: by now we support Bitcoins, however we will soon feature more than one hundred crypto currencies. Finally we are going to lower the delta at which our exchange rate updates: now valuta has hourly updated currencies. We plan to highly reduce this time. Our android ( and web version ( will soon follow iOS, which is the only channel featuring v. 2.0.0 and which is the channel in which we always introduce new features. As said before, any user feedback is really appreciated as we want to continue improving Valuta EX to offer you the best service possible. For instance we are really interested in having feedbacks regarding the fee and the arithmetic support in order to understand better what our users love most and how to tailor even better these functionality according to their needs.

I’ve downloded the app a long time ago and it has always worked perfectly


Love the design and it’s super easy and fast to use.



will test it! looks beautiful
@ohyesohyes Thank you very much for your appreciation. If you had time to provide us some feedbacks after having tested it, we would really appreciate it.
@federico_badini great app, but it would be amazing to see multiple currencies. Valuta+ is the app i’m using and you could take some inspiration
@ohyesohyes thanks for your feedback. We have already heard of Valuta+. However, having decided to craft a tool precisely tailored on tourist needs, we have preferred to design our interface focusing only on the two currencies that he would probably need while travelling. Why do you think a user would like to have more currencies immediately visible? For consultation only?
@federico_badini not only, there’s the expansion of credit cards and banking accounts ( revolut of transferwise bordless to name few) in multiple currencies so I would check the rate of each currency before withdrawing to find the best solution

I hope to see the roadmap in comments implemented soon


Cool design, very easy to use and fast


None found by now