Idea and MVP validation software

Validatorapp is a platform for creating custom demo checkout and subscription pop-ups for your website. It is designed for validating your new ideas or MVPs before fully building or releasing them. It can be added to your website with just a few minutes.
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Hello everyone 👋 Me and my co-founder just finished developing this new product, it is designed to help people like you to validate your new ideas / MVPs in a better way. It works by adding a custom demo checkout or subscription pop-up/modal to your website to see if people are actually interested in your product and are willing to pay for it. The tool captures peoples data when they subscribe through the pop-up on a simple dashboard for you to reach out to when the product is ready for launch. We have different pop-up/modal templates and they are all highly customizable and can be added to your website within a few minutes. If that sounded interesting to you, then you can create an account for free to try it out and only pay when you already have conversions and data from your future customers. Would love to hear your thoughts and answer your questions!
As someone who's new to the maker's community. It'll be good to see a blog post or two on this being used for an idea validation to see how the puzzles fit together. Saved for now. Good luck with the launch!
Thanks @suibinhong! I feel like we should do a better job at showing people how the tool can can be used and help their business on our landing page. We will definitely work on improving that. I made a post to our Knowledge Base -> Case Studies about how we benefit from the tool and use it to validate our ideas:
@bruno_hiis Thanks for the case study, that definitely paved the way for how I think about your service can be used. It's definitely the right direction. Thanks!
@suibinhong @bruno_hiis I agree with Diego. I want to use it, but I’m not 100% sure I get it. I feel like I’m 90% there, but haven’t got the, “oh, I get it now” vibe yet. May I suggest a short 30sec- 1 min video? Could be something quick you make on Loom.
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@suibinhong @bruno_hiis I just visited your site and saw it in action. Nevermind my previous comment. I get it now 😄
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@oskar_mendez Awesome! We are also releasing a 2.0 version of the app in the next few days with better UX design and a lot more integration options, for example, WordPress and ReactJS.
Looking good! I wonder if you're considering something in-product for functional prototypes - maybe it could be used to run surveys like Superhuman's ("how disappointed would you be if this product was no longer available").