V for Wiki 1.0

A beautifully designed Wikipedia app for iOS

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Hey, I’m the designer/developer of Viki and I’d like to share a few thoughts about why we created the app. I use Wikipedia a lot, but I couldn’t find an iOS app that: – gets all the typographic details right (with the level of quality that you’d find in a printed encyclopedia) – adheres to iOS platform standards (without being dull) – comes with a great search feature for nearby places (one that I would actually want to use all the time) These are the three main points I set out to solve, but of course there are hundreds of other details that make a quality app, and I’ve done my best to polish every small feature that’s made it into the app. Viki runs not only on iPhone and iPad, but also on the Apple Watch. I challenged myself to create a search and reading experience that feels appropriate for the tiny device: You can search Wikipedia with voice input or have your Watch display articles about nearby points of interest. And you can continue reading these articles on your iPhone using Handoff – Apple Watch is just not a long-form reading device. Hope you like it, let me know what you think!
This is a beautiful designed work of art on iDevices. Pure pleasure to read. BTW — you can read all of Wikipedia in it.
I already had your iPad app “DasReferenz” which already was a reference in mobile application design. So it was pretty easy to decide to purchase “Viki”. But know you have risen the bar again, especially in the field of digital typography!
This app is absolutely gorgeous. The attention to details is present everywhere, on all platforms, and the only fact that it recommends me nearby readings by default and that it supports 3D Touch granted the app a spot on my homepage. Brilliant!
Absolutely beautiful and an insta-buy! Congrats, Frank, it's a wonderful way of reading wikipedia!