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David Tseng
@injaytseng · UXTesting
@jimiwen Thanks for the post!! I am very appreciated and excited for the feedback!


Rex Chen
Thanks @jimiwen for the post! Hey everyone, I am Rex Chen, CEO and co-founder of UXTesting. We are really excited about this release. The integration is extremely simple and enables you to know how users feel about your app. User testing on mobile is complex and time-consuming without any tool. We work with UX design consulting companies to provide mobile … See more
Steven Shen
@syshen · Founder of Inspr
I start using UXTesting since early 2015. Thanks to UXTesting's incredible solution, it helps our app @insprdesign improve the usability a lot! I suggest if you are developing an app and do care about the user experience, you could give UXTesting a try. It could help the developer to collect and manage testing videos easily.
Sean Higgins
@higg1921 · Co-founder at ilos Videos
Very cool product! Any plans on getting into desktop ux testing as well?
Blake Yeager
@blakeyeager · VP of Engineering @ Techstars
I have seen a number of tools for recording mobile app user experience. UXTesting looks awesome, but can you help me understand some of the ways in which it is different from other tools.
I love the concept! .. I hope in the feature we can have a version for Desktop Apps