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Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
This is a pretty cool little site :) Looks like there is room for A LOT more startups. They should definitely add recently shut down companies too, e.g. Parse, Mailbox etc I'd also suggest taking out the '2004 - Homepage, no change' - if no change, no input would be better/cleaner?
@ranlearns · Founder, Peekaboo Studios
@bentossell agreed! Looking at the changes over time, and scrolling past a bunch of "no change" years takes away from the focus on the UX we're reviewing. Cool site!
Jacinthe Busson
@jacinthe_ · Co-founder @eleganttapp + @UXTimeline
@ranlearns @bentossell @alirtariq Thanks! Since the post on Product Hunt, I have received a lot of encouraging messages recently and I’m currently working on several improvements :)