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Hi everyone, I'm the maker of this course & toolkit. Thanks for checking it out! Here's a bit of the backstory ... After working with dozens of companies, I realized that of the key reason most products fail to get traction is because it didn't solve the right problem for the right people. Far too often, teams jump right into the build phase and spend little (no no) time in the research phase. This results in a common set of symptoms that we’ve all experienced: feature creep, debates about priorities, late delivery dates, bloated budgets, burnt out teams, little or no adoption of a product, and more. Frankly, I'm tired of working with teams who clearly haven't done enough research! So I want to make this course so that user experience designers, product managers, founders, and others involved in the product development process could have a blueprint for how to start doing more research for their products. Hopefully, this will help more teams launch products that solve *real* problems!
practical and effective course from the wise Sarah Doody
Sarah is brilliant!