UX Companion

A handy glossary of UX theories, tools and principles (iOS)

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Hello Product Hunters, I worked on UX Companion and I'd be happy to answer any questions! If you have any suggestions for topics to cover, new resources to include, or any other feedback, I'd love to hear it.
@neildawson Do you plan to cross-publish this content on other platforms (the web, Android, ebook, Udemy, ...)?
@yurylifshits We're putting together a plan for an Android version at the moment, and considering a responsive web version too. An ebook is an interesting idea for the future, when we have more topics to bundle together. How do you imagine this content being presented on Udemy - an introductory video for each topic?
@neildawson No, I think text and images is better. Udemy was just an example of education site. Looking forward for Android or web version )
This is very interesting. I could see this applying to a lot of design and engineering niche topics where there are a lot of buzz words and jargon.
"A glossary of user experience (UX) theories, tools and models to help web designers better understand UX terminology. All definitions link to free, detailed articles that are written by practising UX designers and developers from award-winning digital agency, Cyber-Duck"
What a strange move to go mobile-only... This seems to be long-form content that I would much prefer to read on my laptop, or better yet, my kindle. Unless it's meant to be a reference tool to quickly look up terms and such? Perhaps I'm missing the point.
@taykcrane You got it, it's intended to be used for quick reference, for example if you're unfamiliar with a term, if you have a principle on the tip of your tongue, or to find new ways of tackling a problem. We made this an offline app so it would still be accessible when you find yourself without access to wifi or mobile data - as, in our experience, can often be the case on client premises! We aim to keep the description of each topic short and clear, so it's only long-form if you read every topic. However, the resources for each topic are there for when you want more detail.