Utlimate Base64 Tool

Chuck approved decode/encode Base64 tool!

The Ultimate Base64 Tool gives you one button to base64 encode/decode task. Works browser-side and doesn't need any uploads. Designed for processing large files. Unique ASCII and Hex preview features make this tool stand out from known online alternatives.
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1 Review5.0/5
🤔 One day I wondered why existing online base64 encode/decode tools do all processing server-side, why sometimes they add incorrect padding and why the online-tool cannot work exactly as `base64` CLI utility. Also, they have no progress bar for processing large files or they hardly limited by the file size. 😏 I decided to create a replacement for them. It started as a pet little project, but diving more into browser's features I find out that an implementation of such simple and well-known operation like encoding/decoding byte streams into ASCII could be very error prone. Welcome to try and provide feedback about the tool, Producthunters!