The easiest way to get your friends together 💃

ushouldcome is the easiest way to bring your friends together. Imagine the simplicity of text messages, the power of a calendar, and great features like polls. Everything to make your invitations easy!




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Julien VicenteMaker@julien_vicente · ushouldcome app
Hey community, We wanted to share our brand new version (v 2.3.9) with lots of improvement! We were hunted a little early this year, and now we update the app every week with just the necessary features to make your life easier when you make plans with your network. Try ushouldcome now:
Apoorv Saini@apoorvsaini
UI needs a lot of refinement.
Julien VicenteMaker@julien_vicente · ushouldcome app
@apoorvsaini Thanks for your feedback. Yes we are currently in our beta phase. Quite surprised to have been hunted to be honest! As you can see from the screenshots, our roadmap is clear, and we know the work that is still to be done! Do you have any other feedback on the main concept?
Julien VicenteMaker@julien_vicente · ushouldcome app
Hi PH community, A little surprised to have been hunted that early since we're still in our beta testing phase, but glad too! Our goal at ushouldcome is to ease the process of making plans with friends. We are trying to take the best of both worlds, the calendar and the chat, to bring flexibility and organization to your plans. *We love privacy: ushouldcome will never be a social network, and will only be based on your personal contacts *We are not fan of group discussions: that is why any chat will disappear with the event Any feedback on the concept is deeply appreciated!