User Inyerface

A painful illustration of bad UX

#2 Product of the WeekJuly 04, 2019
User Inyerface is a challenging exploration of user interactions and design patterns.
To play the game, simply fill in the form as fast and accurate as possible.
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21 Reviews5.0/5
I found a fix to this website. add a body { display: none }
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Writing this on my phone after I threw my laptop out the window
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This is a comically terrible example of poor UX to the extreme. I churned after the second screen. 😂😭
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@rrhoover - I got the urge to beat the system, wanted to get through as fast as possible. Managed to complete the thing in 4:15 - not to bad, some well designed onboardings take longer....
Can you actually finish this 😂
@ethandaya Yes.. you can 😅 (You will get a message: 00:04:05, YOU ARE AWESOME! A true interface legend)
@ethandaya @84tomer How did you pull that off?! The captcha... that thing is just atrocious. I love it.