User Insights

Get real user feedback on, well, anything.


User Insights is a platform for getting real user feedback on, well, anything. Have our testers evaluate your landing page, checkout flow, product onboarding sequence, competitors, product descriptions... you get the idea. You get 5+ minute videos with narration, context, and actionable feedback within hours, not days.

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Frank Watson
Robin McMahon
  • DawnOctopus

    Great way to get a few extra dollars by being a tester. It's also fun to see sites and products that you might not be familiar with.


    If you're a tester there might be no tests on your dashboard for quite a while.

    User testing is really fun and can earn you a little extra money. I have been using a different company for years and I am happy to see User Insights is here to use as well.

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  • Pros: 

    Solid product and great dev team


    none whatsoever

    well worth using

    Frank Watson has used this product for one month.