User Flow Patterns

Collection of short user-flow videos for mobile apps

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@ramykhuffash I'm going to add video patterns (animations, interactions etc.) to very soon and I'm looking for new curators. Merge? Gonna be tough/impossible to get any traction solo.
@robinraszka impossible?! Ha! Email me the deets -
Thanks for sharing, Eric! I put this together over the holidays. Let me know if you have questions or feedback!
@ramykhuffash Great Idea. How about adding comments on how one might implement it or opening it up for such comments.
@ziinko not a bad idea. My issue with comments is that every time I add them to a project, no one uses them :-( I might give it a go though!
@ramykhuffash Don't know if they'd be used but if some knowledgeable people add some comments, that would add a lot of value.
@ziinko yeah, good point.
really cool ramy. Ain't nobody got time to download all apps and check out interactions - so awesome you put this together!
Ah, so this is like ?
This is a growing collection of user flow videos for actions like onboarding.