William Fanning
William Fanning reviewedUser Flow by FlowmappA simple tool for creating User Flow Diagrams

Incredible UI/UX. Anyone who can use a computer can start using it for business purposes in seconds. Really well done.


None, as long as the base account stays free (9$ w/ no commitment is also fair).

I wonder about the market size. I am sure you have done that research (and likely have more tools planned for the future).

But it seems like you have to make a lot of these maps in order to make the price worth it, and generally speaking this seems like a tool that is most important during big transitions to new projects. Just wondering how often existing businesses restructure/organize things. Just seems like they would need it in spurts.

But you would definitely disappear on the cash flow statements of most businesses (which I am sure is the idea). So hopefully its just a matter of getting them to sign up and like it (which they will).

As someone just starting out I would use this in week long increments every few months. I would probably sign up for one month then cancel when I am done.

I realize bootstrappers are not your target demo, but ironically your utility is probably greatest among this group, and collectively they can be a worthwhile revenue source while helping expand marketshare.

There is also some irony in that the companies who will make you profitable also probably have designers who make these already (yes, you can save their designers time, but will the designers seek you out seeing as you lessen their own utility ?, would their bosses if this is not an active pain point for them?).

Just getting waxing now :) Really great execution and great product.

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Paul Mit
Paul Mit@mituhin · CMO | FlowMapp
Hey William! Thanks for your feedback and these ideas. Web Design Services market is quite large: $26bn in US (* IBISWorld, «Web Design Services: Market Research Report»), and I guess more than $100bn globally. Everybody who creates websites and digital products is our target audience. Our clients right now — web freelancers, designers, UX architects and agencies, studios and companies with improved Web Development Departments. You right, the sales process starts with the designer's or developer's interest in the product and bringing it to teamwork tools. That is how it works. Thanks again, see you on our next feature release! Cheers, Paul