Perry J Lucas
Perry J Lucas reviewedUser Flow by FlowmappA simple tool for creating User Flow Diagrams

Clean and easy to use interface


Needs wireframing, wouldn't load the project the first time

I like the product, but it's limited without the ability to wireframe pages from right within the system so I didn't have to use yet another tool for that (maybe be able to link to pages in Balsamiq cloud?). Also, adding elements to the user flow wasn't immediately clear how to add those (had to mouse around for the + box to appear.)

Perry J Lucas has used this product for one day.
Paul Mit
Paul Mit@mituhin · CMO | FlowMapp
Hi there! Thanks for your feedback! You right about wireframes, but our tool is about UX planning, rather than «UI» and «mockup» stage. Early planning before you doing mockups. For better understanding your fututre design.