Unlike conventional air purifiers, Urbie's filter doesn’t need to be replaced. It also removes excess humidity and even recycles the condensation water to accurately self-water your plant when it’s thirsty. It features LED lighting and is connected via WIFI
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As a product designer and engineer living in Paris, it's become harder to escape the city pollution and simply enjoy a glass of wine in my home without sneezing a gazillion times. Well... that's an exaggeration but you get my point! I created Urbie Air simply because I am tired of allergies, pollution, high humidity and my plants dying all the time. So I thought why not combine the natural powers of plants with technology to create a smart self-watering dehumidifier and air purifier that can tackle pollution from many different angles! This is when I went to the drawing board and created my first prototypes.
It's fantastic, I love everything about this product. I like a lot the recycling of the water: you can have a plan in your house and don't worry about it! The IOT stuff is cool, too and it make the product more futuristic. Good luck!
@tyler_nass Thank you Tyler! I believe that the mix between nature and technology is the only escape we can have from the disasters of climate change and pollution.
I purchased a similar product called Clairy from Europe this past Thanksgiving. Unfortunately that thing is very poorly designed.