Urban Massage

Massage delivered. Uber for wellness & medical therapy. (UK)

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currently available in the UK only
Hi everyone, I'm Jack CEO and Co-Founder of Urban Massage. Urban Massage is a mobile wellness and medical therapy platform that connects our customers with a vetted, qualified and insured therapist within just a few clicks. Just so you know, we're also raising our seed-round! Feel free to ask me any questions! Jack www.urbanmassage.com
Ahh, another "Uber for X" :) @JackCKTang - Unwind Me was well received last week. Other than the location, how are you different (if at all)?
@rrhoover Our B2C proposition is similar, but our product vision differs in a number of ways which I cannot publicly divulge into detail. We do however have a very interesting B2B product offering and Service Provider SAAS product. Follow @MassageApp and @JackCKTang on Twitter to hear all about it in due course ;)
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