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Wow! Deciding to quit a great job to focus full-time on open source development, has been one of the craziest, scariest decisions I've ever made. Today is actually my last day in the office, and I've locked myself away in a quiet room to write these lines (and hyperventilate with excitement). My goal with UpUp, like my other open source work, has been to make using cutting-edge web technologies easy and approachable for all developers. I hope I've succeeded, and I hope you'll share with me how you've used it. Thank you for writing about UpUp. I couldn't ask for a nicer gift as I embark on this adventure, or a better way to tell my new wife I'm not crazy after all!
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@talater Congrats!!
@robjama Thank you, and thanks for the hunt!
@talater Best of luck! UpUp seems like a really, really cool concept, as well.
@talater great project! and it seems like you are not the only crazy one https://medium.com/@knowbody/why...
Looks really useful for when you're on a plane and need to briefly check something
Thanks for hunting @robjama! This day has been an amazing emotional rollercoaster. Helps me think that maybe quitting my job to focus on free open source software wasn't such a crazy idea after all!
@talater This. Is. Mind blowing. And I'm totally in love with your Profile Description. I think this could be huge, and I'm going to be using this in literally all of our web based products.
@imkarthikk That would be amazing! I would love to help in anyway I can. You can reach me at tal@talater.com
This is awesome, going to try it out.
@benln Thanks Ben! Please let me know how it works out for you.
Wow, @talater, this looks awesome! Can I ask (feel free to say none of my business), how do you intend on supporting yourself financially?
@fredrivett My wife has asked me to reply to your question ASAP :) The plan is to develop free open source products that solve the problem for a large number of users, while offering paid enterprise versions for those who need special features and long term support. Mike Perham, creator of sidekiq has been a huge inspiration for this. The specifics of the plan are still a work in progress.