Uppload v2

File uploading widget with 20+ plugins, no backend required

#4 Product of the WeekFebruary 10, 2020
Uppload v2 is a JavaScript file uploading plugin with 20+ plugins to choose, edit, and upload images to any backend. It's written in TypeScript, and is free and open-source with 200+ stars on GitHub.
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9 Reviews4.4/5
Hello Product Hunt! I'm very excited to share v2 of our JavaScript file uploading widget. We completely re-wrote Uppload in TypeScript with a modular approach, so you can pick and choose which services (ways to select a file, like drag-and-drop uploading, search on Unsplash, and import from Instagram), effects (ways to edit a file, like cropping and rotating), and uploaders (ways to send a file to your server) you want. With Uppload, you don't need any special backend APIs to fetch photos or edit them — it just works, completely in the browser, and sends your file to your endpoint (or to a third-party service like Firebase), so it works with any backend and you're not tied to a specific service. Uppload is completely free and open-source, and is built by El Niño, a digital development studio in the Netherlands. We're also planning on offering paid customization and support for Uppload in the near future.
Technically great: TS implementation, numerous upload sources, various plugins, tree-shakeable and very easy to customise. Also very fast and good support from the maintainers!
@aleximb When we decided to re-write Uppload, one of my goals was a great *technical* implementation, like treeshakable to the core and TypeScript modules. Thanks for your contribution and hard work!
Super project! Support for Unsplash, Pexels and more providers.
@bmustata Thanks so much! Yes, I thought it's a great use case to let users select royalty-free photos for things like cover photos and blog posts.
This is great! Services like Uploadcare need an API key (so that you can use their backend APIs) to import images from Instagram/Facebook/etc., but with Uppload, it just works! No sign up or API key hassles needed. And it has cool features like importing from Unsplash that no other file uploading widget has.
@sukritikapoor15 Exactly! You can even use Uppload with just Firebase and no backend API maintenance required. It just works. ;)
Nice and clever, I like the “almost no server involved” 3rd party services support, and no auth for the user. The name of the project does sound familiar though, and it’s not a good kind of familiar ;)
Thanks, @arturi! I absolutely love Uppy.io and it served as a huge inspiration! TBH the name similarity is coincidental (I promise!) and follows my "double letter is cute" style, like in Staart. Might even be exciting for us to use the Golden Retriever package from Uppy, because that's my favorite feature we don't current support.