Upfront Summit 2016 - Fred Wilson Interview by Dan Primack

Fred sits down w/ Dan Primack of Fortune Magazine

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Ben Tossell
No-coder πŸ‘‰ Makerpad.co
One of the most talked about sessions from @msuster's Upfront Summit in LA this year. @fredwilson & @danprimack talk about private companies going public, what is the future of tech and other hot topics in tech right now. Can't recommend this enough. 25 mins of πŸ”₯ Here is the video:
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Unfortunately, I missed this talk at last week's Upfront Summit but heard this was the best talk at the conference. Adding this to my podcast playlist collection.
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Vinish Garg
Co-founder @OutcomeConf @ContentHug
Awesome, I read about it at Brad Feld's post at: http://www.feld.com/archives/201..., earlier today.
Alex Carter
Ex Apple Podcasts, 60dB, PH Podcasts 😻
Great interview! One thing that surprised me from this chat, given how many founders (@stewart, @travisk, etc.) and other tech figures have recently been pro staying private is how passionate @fredwilson was about not delaying the IPO. In part because it's quicker liquidity for investors and employees. Would love to see a continued discussion about this topic, especially around the pros and cons of what's best for certain private companies (investors aside). Maybe @jason can pick it up on TWIST =)
Nathan LatkaCEO, TheTopInbox.com, Podcast Producer
Was bummed to miss this live. Thanks @bentossell. Advice for young folks on going VC was super valuable.