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I actually appreciate it when unmaintained sites have a manual copyright year, because then I can immediately tell that the site is dead (or the owners don't pay attention to detail). There's something to be said for letting dead websites look dead. Still, this project is neat. :)
Yeah - it's a mess - everywhere. You'd think by now it would just be - well - automatic (hint to devs everywhere - use a fucking variable).
Every year, @bfeld sends out a friendly reminder to update the footer date. This might save him the email ... :)
I made this as a weekend side project and it has been surprisingly well received. Seems I wasn't only one with this little issue.
@mhj Love it! It's a little problem that a lot of people have.
How is this different to getting the server date via PHP (e.g) to reflect current year or a CMS function?
@stinhambo In no way different. PHP is featured as the other example, in addition to doing it client-side. This is a friendly reminder.