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Every month it seems @czug_ comes out with another super simple mobile app (see Text and Bigbird). It’s been fun watching his progression. Scheduling meetings on mobile is a bit obnoxious. Simply type in what’s happening with the date and time (e.g. “coffee with Gary Busey on 11/25 at 3pm) and Update adds it to your calendar.
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@rrhoover @czug_ Great find Ryan! Clay, I would go one step further and integrate with notification center - if you can do it from there that would be awesome! Enter in notifications center via keyboard, app running in background recieves notification, updates iCal, etc.
@raj_ventures @rrhoover great idea, I'll look into it!
@raj_ventures @rrhoover After reading the docs, I discovered this is not yet possible (see below) ... However, I added a Today Tab Extension with a simple button to "quick jump" you into the app from the lock screen in the next release :) Apple's extension programming guide: "Because user interaction with widgets is quick and limited, you should design a simple, streamlined UI that highlights the information users are interested in. In general, it’s a good idea to limit the number of interactive items in a widget. In particular, note that iOS widgets don’t support keyboard entry."
@czug_ @rrhoover Thanks for looking into that, looking forward to the next release!
Thanks for the Hunt @rrhoover! I realized today you probably think I’m a consumer app junkie … The truth is because I’ve been freelancing a lot this year, I’ve used PH as an outlet for a handful of small, fun projects in order to explore specific technologies. To me, PH is like a virtual version of an arcade... it’s a place to go, hang out, and try new things! Which is perfect for curious developers (like me) who want to build things quickly and get immediate feedback... even if it's just for kicks. "Update" is an interesting case bc last month I observed that about half the users of “Text” were using it every day to add events to iCal in natural language, including myself and my parents. So I decided to spin out a super simple app just for us... and now it's public :) It’s reeeaaally simple but hopefully some other hunters find it useful... If you have additional feature ideas I'm all ears!
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@czug_ always keeping the app icons classy!
@thomasmeagher u da man :)
Fantastical does this too. But also displays your calendar. :)
This is pretty cool. I'd love a notification center widget that just launches this app. I'd sort it right below the calendar widget I already have for quick calendaring.
@bcherry I'm on it, v0.2 :)