Unwind Me

Massage Made Simple (Homejoy for massage)

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@stefanobernardi In SF, an hour-long massage is $89, all-inclusive (no tip required). Our massage therapists come straight to your door, and bring everything needed (massage table, quality sheets and products, etc.). And in the next month or so, we're going to be introducing the option to book longer appointments + we're launching a monthly subscription feature :)
K, thanks. Just for some context/feedback: I have a massage therapist who comes to my place for $50/h, or $250 for 6h packages. For me, the added benefit of easy scheduling it's worth the 90% higher price.
We had some unwind me time back at the office a while ago, really unique and personal experience versus out at a mall. Their therapists are extremely professional and are communicative about what they are doing. On the website, it states they interview each and every therapist. How does that scale as you grow to different cities? What brought me back was the experience and that's extremely hard to maintain no?
Which cities are coming after SF? Please say Boston.
@adamsigel - Rest of the Bay Area is up next, but we'll certainly keep Boston in mind as we expand from there!