unu Scooter

Stylish, clean and silent electric scooter ⚡

unu electric scooter is the ideal vehicle for your city: It is stylish, emission-free, quiet and super easy to charge at home, thanks to portable batteries. With unu v1.1 you are able to drive with the same power and experience until the last 5% of your battery. Currently available only in Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands and Switzerland.

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10 Reviews5.0/5

the unu scooter is really the best way to move around in town. it's the combination of an elegant design and user experience centered around the needs of todays urban commuters. All of that for an affordable price! Gotta check this out http://unumotors.com


beautiful design, easy to charger, fun to drive and affordable. the best way to move in my city (Berlin)


unu should be available in more countries